Ivan Pavlov CV
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Ivan Pavlov / COH [b. 1968] is a sound artist and musician based between France, Sweden and Russia. From classical piano lessons as a child, through teenage fascination with electric guitars and university studies in theoretical physics, today the main musical interest is on bridging the gap between acoustics as science and music as an art form.

From the late 90-ies onwards, COH records appeared on pioneering labels such as Raster-Noton, Mego, and Eskaton. at time invinging collaborations with other artists - Peter Christopherson [as SOISONG], Richard Chartier [as CHESSMACHINE], Telco Systems [as TELCOH], John Balance, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Annie Anxiety Bandez, Abul Mogard, and Ann Demeulemeester, among others. In every COH project the primary focus remains on finding and enhancing the particular qualities of sound - whether of a classical instrument, voice or a computer generated waveform - responsible for creating resonances in listener's perception of both music itself and surrounding reality.

In 2018, together with Austrian film director Aksel Stasny and Japanese dancer and choreographer Manaho Shimokawa, Ivan has started an artistic collective called III, with ambition of brining together body movement, moving image and sound through a harmonious process where the three dimensions unvelop simulatneously, contributing to each other in a balanced way.

In 2019 Ivan founded FEM - Foundation for Electronic Music, with focus on introducing both the history and the current spectrum of electronic music to university students of physics and mathematics, aiming to enourage further development of music technology and sound aesthetics.

      ><   scientific background:

year degree institution field
1992BScUniveristy Of Nizhny Novgorod, RURadiophysics [Acoustics]
2001MSc, LicentiateRoyal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, SETheoretical Physics and Mathematics

      ><   principal discography:

artist namerelease title format, record company, country release year
SOISONG xAj3z 2 x LP dais USA upcoming 2024
COH SOL NFT + ltd. ed. CD ninaprotocol.com January 2024
COH RADIANT FAULTS LP + CD dais USA October 2023
oxy AETHER GUST LP + CD alara FR July 2023
SOISONG qXn94s LP dais USA 2022
COH meets Abul Mogard LP houndstooth UK 2022
COH WYGG CD noton+ DE 2022
SOISONG kAm1e CD soisong.org 2021
SOISONG h4u2bRLN CD soisong.org 2021
SOISONG n36BwG7H CD soisong.org 2021
COH MUSIC VO CD wavetrap SE 2020
COH DOMA CD retortae EST 2018
COH PLAYS EVERALL CD + LP hallow ground CH 2017
COH COHGS LP editions mego AT 2017
COH MUSIC VOL. CD editions mego AT 2016
COH Return To Mechanics EP 12" ge-stell US 2016
COH BEFORE 3x7" bookwar RU 2015
COH To Beat Or Not To Beat 2x12" editions mego AT 2015
COH To Beat CD editions mego AT 2014
COH Retro-2038 CD/2x12" editions mego AT 2013
COH SOISONG CDEP soisong.com 2012
COH IIRON CD/2x12" editions mego AT 2011
COH vs ITO 3 Girls Mixed Up CD elegantdisc JP 2010
COH Z-RATED CD rotorelief FR 2010
SOISONG xAj3z CD soisong.com 2009
DAO & COH DZERZHINSK-9 EP 12" tourette US 2009
COH PLAYS COSEY CD raster-noton DE 2008
OXy rved.Tha EP EP MP3 musica excentrica, RU 2008
SOISONG qXn94s CDEP soisong.com 2008
COH Strings CD CDEP raster-noton DE 2007
COH Super Suprematism CD card set ltd. ed. 2007
COH Above Air CD eskaton UK 2006
COH Patherns EP CDEP raster-noton DE 2006
COH 0397 Post-Pop 2xCD mego AT 2005
COH Electric Electric EP 12" mego AT 2003
COH MOCKBE CD error RU 2002
COH Mort Aux Vaches CD staalplaat NL 2002
COH Netmörk CD souRce-Reseach UK 2002
COH Hide & Seek film soundtrack/MP3 fals.CH 2001
COH IRON CD wavetrap UK/SE 2000
COH Drum&Bass, in (o)acis boxCDEP raster-noton DE 2000
COH Mask Of Birth LP raster-noton DE 2000
COH Grain CD + wall calendar ltd. ed. 1999
COH Into Memories Of S-tone CDEP raster-noton DE 1999
COH VOX TINNITUS CDEP/2x7" raster-noton DE 1999
COH ENTER TINNITUS CD rastermusic DE 1998

      ><   audio-visual collaborations/commissions/contributions:

yeartitle format, author contributed music titles
2022 LOEWE S/S 2023 Men's fashion show video, Loewe "Fear Into Dust", "Forgotten Journey To"
2022 TEOPEMA generative short film, Vadim Epstein music score
2021 ELpHORIA omega generative video, Nikita Panin music score
2021 ELpHORIA alpha generative video, Nikita Panin music score
2021 Ermenegildo Zegna Men S/S 2022 fashion short film "retrotech overture"
2021 The Painting #12 generative video, Nikita Panin music score
2021 ungear me digital video, Paul Prudence "ungear me"
2020 IKI contermpoary dance film, Aksel Stasny, Manaho Shimokawa music score
2019 KAKKOI PUPSICK contemporary dance film, Brandy Eve Allen, Sharleen Temple music score
2019 SPACES OF SOLITUDE contemporary dance film, Aksel Stasny, Manaho Shimokawa music score
2019 Propaganda Haare 4 x video commercial, Aksel Stasny music score
2018 CLIMAX motion picture, Gaspar Noé "MAD"
2018 Pal Zileri Fall Winter 2018 fashion short film, Gabriele Giussani "Euphrates"
2018 ALONE [Minimal Selfie] music video, Vadim Epstein "ALONE [Minimal Selfie]"
2018 STATE CALM music video, Vadim Epstein "STATE CALM"
2017 A LAST ONE IN COLOUR contemporary dance film, Aksel Stasny, Manaho Shimokawa "2000 Lieues"
2017 Damals short film, Aksel Stasny "Sidereal As If Not"
2017 Marc Jacobs Spring 2017 fashion short film, David Sims "lying"
2016 CHANEL S/S 2017 ready-to-wear fashion show video, Chanel "I FEEL SUMMER (karaoke)"
2016 BURNING documentary film, Janis Putnins music score
2015 ungear moi music video, Paul Prudence "ungear moi"
2015 BECHA-KPACHA music video, Jeremy Rotsztain "BECHA-KPACHA"
2015 Bond Number music video, Aleksandr Koruga "Bond Number"
2015 BEAT TO WAVE [danse du ventre] music video, Marianne Lois-Iron "BEAT TO WAVE"
2015 eena ferroix music video, Julieta Triangular "eena ferroix"
2015 WAVE TO BEAT music video, Dustin Dis "WAVE TO BEAT"
2013 COLTERRAIN short film, Tina Frank "vainio"
2011 Ann Demeulemeester Men S/S2011 fashion show film, bvba32 "path #1", "no monsters no rock"
2010 Super-Menace 3D mapping video on Hotel Hilton Prague, Dan Gregor, Petr Krejcík,Amar Mulabegovic "path #1"
2009 PRADA Men S/S 2009 fashion show video, Prada "closer", "inside"
2007 the 21-st floor contemporary dance film, Konstantin Grouss "utopia (me too)", "fracture"
2006 SU-U music video, Tina Frank "su-u"
2003 don't touch me when i start to feel safe short film, Brigitta Bödenauer "Waltz Nuevo No, 1"
2001 Hide & Seek motion picture, Janis Putnins music score
2001 Annum Per Annum short film, Claudia Müller-Hermann, Ruth Scheel "annum per annum"
1999 20.21 short film, Galina Myznikova/Sergey Provorov "into memories of s-tone"

      ><   selected performances as COH:

date year, event name location

19.04 GAME OF DRONES Linz, Austria
06.07 MAP FESTIVAL Mutabor, Moscow, Russia
17.08 SIGNAL 2019 Nikola-Lenivets, Russia [also as a music residency curator]
26.09 SONICA 2019 Kino Siska, Ljubliana, Slovenia
09.12 RESONANCE RNDM, Moscow, Russia

23.02 GEOMETRY OF NOW GES-2, Moscow, Russia
17.08 BERLIN ATONAL Kraftwerk, Berlin, Germany
08.10 L'TRONICA Lodz, Poland
01.12 HAUNTED HOUSE Foundation Ekaterina, Moscow, Russia [installation only]
09.12 On Funktion One MoMA, Warsaw, Poland

21.01 MEGO 20 Audiorama, Stockholm, Sweden
09.09 Electric Campfire Villa Massimo, Roma, Italy
05.12 INNER SPACES San Fedele, Milano, Italy

25.04 Intonal Malmoe, Sweden
23.08 BERLIN ATONAL Kraftwerk, Berlin, Germany
12.09 MEGO 20 HeK, Basel, Switzerland
23.10 Lunchmeat Prague, Czech Republic
29.10 GARGULIA AWARDS 16 Tons, Moscow, Russia

24.01 Mind The Gap, IFFR 2014Rotterdam, The Netherlands
29.01 CTM 2014 Berlin, Germany
22.02 AEIVAA Super Deluxe, Tokyo, [installation only]
01.03 WASTED Anniversary Soup, Tokyo, Japan
02.05 META.MORF Trondheimn, Norway
19.09 ENCOUNTERS Bristol, UK
10.10 Sound Live Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
16.11 IIRON Cave 12, Geneva, Switzerland

12.05 RETRO 2038 release Spazio Rita, Nagoya, Japan
19.05 RETRO 2038 release Super DeLuxe, Tokyo, Japan
19.09 MOOZAK 2013 Vienna, Austria

19.09 Design Festival 2012 London, UK [installation only]
22.09 Chronosfera 2012 Torino, Italy
23.11 DOM Festival Moscow, Russia
24.11 Da:Da Night St.Petersburg, Russia

21.07 Night In Super DeLuxe, Tokyo, Japan
27.07 Computer Metal Funk Conpass, Osaka, Japan
29.07 Night Cruising Club Metro, Kyoto, Japan
18.11 Revolution RED La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain

17.01 Bruits De Fond Maison Des Metallos, Paris, France
18.01 Poitiers, France
22.03 BEMF BOZAR Brussels, Belgium
08.05 OFFF Festival Lisbon, Portugal

05.04 MO-CE Ljubliana, Slovakia
12.04 Casa'08 Casa da Musica, Porto, Portugal
09.05 Lovebytes 2008 Sheffield, UK
21.06 SONAR 2008 Barcelona, Spain
09.10 Radical Sound Ikra, Moscow, Russia

26.01 TBC Espace Saint, Paris, France
14.04 Secret Teachings Club Metro, Kyoto, Japan
16.04 Industrial Night Liquid Room, Tokyo, Japan
26.05 MUSICA GENERA Schzechin, Poland
22.06 Sonic Days Fri-Art, Fribourg, Switzerland
06.07 Nuit Bleu Arc Et Senans, France
09.10 RASTER-NOTON 11 years Volksbuehne, Berlin, Germany

24.11 GAUDEAMUS LIVE Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
15.06 SONAR 2006 Barcelona, Spain [installation only]

02.07 SYNCH Athens, Greece
19.08 ELECTRIC CAMPFIRE Chemnitz, Germany
31.10 CIMATICS'05 Brussels, Belgium
25.11 CYNET ART 05 Dresden, Germany

29.08 La Batie Geneve, Switzerland
05.12 LIVE CINEMA WORM, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
07.08 FIB 2004 Benicassim, Spain
30.10 Feardrop Festival Evreux, France
19.11 AVANTO Helsinki, Finland

06.02 CTM'03 Berlin, Germany
07.06 Royal Electronics At The Castle Schloss Wilberg, Austria

30.01 DOT.NU V2, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
20.04 Frequenzen [Hz] Schirn Kunsthalle, Cologne, Germany
30.11 Wien Modern Vienna, Austria
19.11 ACCES[S] 02 Billiere, France

15.02 TRANSMEDIALE Berlin, Germany
06.07 MUTEK 2000 Montreal, Canada
14.07 tracks+traces Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
15.09 TAKTLOS 2000 Bern, Switzerland [+installation]

18.03 ENTER TINNITUS LIVE Schweiz, Berlin, Germany
26.06 SCART Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden
02.09 NEW FORMS Galerie für Zeitgenösissche Kunst, Leipzig, Germany[+installation]
14.12 20' TO 2000 Volksbuehne, Berlin, Germany

      ><   performances as SOISONG:

date location
09.03.2008 Bar Bonobo, Tokyo, Japan
09.05.2008 Futuro Presente Festival, Rovereto, Italy
11.05.2008 Culture Box, Copenhagen, Denmark
17.05.2008 Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain
24.05.2008 Sugar Factory, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
28.05.2008 Club Ikra, Moscow, Russia
13.06.2008 Synch 2008 Festival, Athens, Greece
23.10.2009 OK Offenes Kulturhaus, Linz, Austria
29.10.2009 Club Ikra, Moscow, Russia
30.10.2009 A2, St. Petersburg, Russia
06.11.2009 Wroclaw Industrial Festival, Wroclaw, Poland
09.11.2009 Stadtgarten, Cologne, Germany
05.06.2010 Hau 2 Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Germany